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Mira Laime
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• 3/2/2018

can someone help me with this, cant figure out what anime this is from

so there is an anime with mechas. this particualr mecha is being piloted by a teenager. and he reprograms the entire mecha while fighting on sand dunes.

all the military mechs were falling over or lossing balance. the "bad guys" were all in mechs designed to fight on the ever shifting sands and had no problem standing... so to help with this the prodgity teen reprogrammed the mech to compensate for the sands ever shifting nature. once done ( in like 10 seconds) he ended the fight rather quickly... once he returned to the repair bay the other technitians had no clue how he did what he did..

can anyone help me figure this out?
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• 4/19/2018
it's from j-decker aka brave police. sorry for late response
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