Amami Tomonaga is a character in the Brave Police J-Decker series.


Amami Tomonaga is the wife of Yuuichirou Tomonaga and the mother of Azuki, Kurumi, and Yuuta. Along with her husband, she works as an archaologist for the Japanese government and often accompanies him on expeditions. This causes all three children to be left at home alone with Azuki in charge for extended periods of time.

Amami and her husband traveled back to Japan to visit their family after an expedition to Hedro Island in the south. She and her husband spent a lot of time with their family while at home, since they would be leaving for another expedition soon, which left Deckerd feeling jealous and left out. After he disappeared when attempting to follow up on a case by himself, she joined the rest of her family in the search for him, and then proceeded to defend him from the criminals attempting to destroy him, claiming Deckerd as a member of the Tomonaga family.