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BP-110 Deckerd (デッカード), also known as the Brave Detective (勇者刑事 - Yuusha Keiji), is the protagonist Brave robot from The Brave Police J-Decker TV series. Leader of the Brave Police, he can combine with the J-Roader to form J-Decker, then combine with Duke Fire (Duke + Fire Roader) to form Fire J-Decker.


Deckerd is the first of the Brave Police robots to be built, equipped with the powerful Super-AI that allows him to have a conscience. He was originally meant to be a normal robot with a handler only, but his first experiences with Yuuta Tomonaga caused him to develop a "heart" and gain human emotions, along with making his combat capabilities far exceeding original specifications. He has an honest and sincere personality and acts as the robot leader of the Brave Police.

Like all of the other members of the Brave Police, Deckerd is armed with a standard-issue revolver stored in his right side skirt armor, along with a mechanical police notebook with police lights and a badge stored in a slot in his chest to show his authority as a police officer. When facing criminals, he often shouts: "Hold Up! Brave Police, Deckerd!", with his revolver on the right hand and police notebook on the other.


  • Standard Pistol (Seishiki Kenjuu - 制式拳銃)

Standard equipment for the Brave Police robots. Revolver-type pistol. Official name taken from Brave Saga.


Deckerd was first brought online when Yuuta stumbled into his hangar after falling through an outside vent. Yuuta grew close to Deckerd and taught him all sorts of emotions, giving him a "heart". Those days didn't last for long, as Deckerd's induction into the police force required the reformatting of his memory system, which would wipe out all memories of Yuuta from his mind. He and Yuuta shared a tearful goodbye before the reformat. Later that day, however, the trailer that was carrying a powered-down Deckerd came under attack from Dr.Gauss' Death Magnet robot, with Dr. Gauss aiming to steal Deckerd for his own ends. Yuuta intervened just as the Dr was about to snatch Deckerd, which awoke the Super-AI-equipped robot and restored his memories of Yuuta. Deckerd then utilized his superior mobility and agility to defeat the Death Magnet, hold Dr. Gauss at gunpoint and successfully arresting him.

After Yuuta's induction into the Brave Police, Deckard has become a long-time resident of the Tomonagas' household, parking in a garage space built into their home.



  • His name is a reference to Rick Deckard, the protagonist of Blade Runner.
  • Deckerd is the second out of three Brave protagonist robots to transform into a police car, the first being Da-Garn and the third being Dag-Fire. In total, however, all three are the lone police car mecha of their respective series, alongside Guard Star, Police Diver, Star Silver, and Volfogg (Shadow Maru doesn't count due to having more than one form).


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