BP-110 Deckerd (BP-110 デッカード BP-110 Dekkādo?) is one of the protagonists of the Brave Police J-Decker television series. He is a Brave Detective (勇者刑事 Yūsha Keiji?) who works for the Brave Police.


Deckerd was built by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department as the first member of the Brave Police. Originally he was supposed to be nothing more than a robot partnered with a human handler, but regular contact with Yūta Tomonaga over the course of his construction caused him to gain self awareness. While his memory was erased as part of his induction into the police force, he regained it in time to save Yuuta and destroy Dr. Gauss's robot.

The event forced the police department to rethink the Brave Police program, and how it would move forward. Yuuta was made leader of the unit under supervision from Commissioner Juuzo Saejima, and more robotic units were constructed, with coding copied directly from Deckerd-meaning that all subsequent robots with Super AI were virtual clones.

Deckerd continued to work with Yuuta and took over as leader of the Japanese Brave Police department, except for a short stint when he was partially destroyed in battle and his position was filled by Duke.


Deckerd is an excellent leader, and beloved by his team. He is brave and not afraid to lead his team into danger, and cares deeply for them and their safety. Dedicated to his job, Deckerd can see no other career other than being a policeman, and falls into a deep depression when the department is temporarily shut down.

Deckerd also is very close to Yuuta, and is very protective of him. He can be insecure at times, and can suffer from jealousy and loneliness if he believes that he is being forgotten. The Tomonagas consider him a member of their family.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Deckerd was the first robot to possess Super AI (超AI Chō Ei Ai?) and he stands at 5.12 meters in robot mode [1].

Deckerd transforms into a police car with a length of 4.49 meters. In vehicle mode, he can reach up to speeds of 87 kilometers per hour.


Yūta Tomonaga


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  • His name is a reference to Rick Deckard, the protagonist of Blade Runner.


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