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BP-119 Duke (デューク), also known as the Knight Detective (騎士刑事 - Naito Keiji (騎士 is read as Naito - "Knight", instead of "kishi" to emphasize Duke's British origin)) is a Brave robot from The Brave Police J-Decker TV series. He can combine with the Fire Roader to form Duke Fire, then combine with J-Decker (BP-110 Deckerd + J-Roader) to form Fire J-Decker.

The number 119 in Duke's serial code is the emergency number for Japan's firefighting and ambulance services, reflecting Duke's vehicle mode as an ambulance and the Fire Roader.


Duke's alternate mode is an ambulance. He possesses a very grounded personality with strong senses of duty, honor, and loyalty, which can make him inflexible and stubborn at times. Spending his formative times under Regina's tutelage, she pushed him towards an unrealistic idea of perfection due to past traumas and the obsession of making a "perfect policeman." While Duke did manage to overcome most of this early conditioning, it still does occasionally show with his struggles of dealing with emotions and somewhat stiff personality. He has a strong loyalty and connection to his creator, Regina Argine, whose demeanor towards him has softened in recent times with her conquering some of the demons of her past. A newcomer to the team, he also does not always fit in with the others in the Japanese Brave Police and this can cause conflicts. Duke is passionate about nature, and in particular likes sea life like whales.

Technology-wise, Duke was developed from the leadership traits of BP-301 McCrane, BP-302 Power Joe's agility, BP-303 Dumpson's power control and BP-501 Shadow-Maru's reconaissance abilities. Similar to the rest of the Brave Police, he is armed with a standard-issue revolver and a Brave Police mechanical notebook, with his signature weapon being a broadsword.

Due to the circumstances of his creation, Duke always refers to Regina as "Lady", and rarely refers to her by her given name.


  • Standard Pistol (Seishiki Kenjuu - 制式拳銃)

Standard equipment for the Brave Police robots. Revolver-type pistol. Official name taken from Brave Saga.

  • Sword (Tsurugi/Ken - 剣)

Broadsword-type blade equipped by Duke.


Originally built in England under the direction of Regina Argine, Duke was trained and then sent to join the Brave Police division in Japan. However, he couldn't have arrived at a worse time, with the loss of Deckerd to the Chieftans. He tried to step up as leader of the team, but met with heavy resistance from the rest of the members. They took issue with his stubbornness and rejection of any emotion, and resented him for trying to replace Deckerd. Duke would later learn the value of emotional connections with others, and would eventually take over as Deckerd's unofficial second-in-command.