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BP-304 Drill Boy is a Brave robot from The Brave Police J-Decker TV series. He is from the Build Team of the Brave Police and can combine with Build Tiger (BP-301 McCrane, BP-302 Power Joe, BP-303 Dumpson) to form Super Build Tiger.


Drill Boy can transform into either a Drill Tank mode or a Jet Mode. He is an avid enthusiast about soccer, and as he is the youngest of the Build Team, he has a tendency to act naive, annoy others (Power Joe in particular), and say things best kept quiet. At times, though, he has a surprising burst of intelligence. Similar to the rest of the Brave Police, Drill Boy is armed with a standard-issue revolver and a mechanical Brave Police notebook. His personal weapons include an unspecified amount of Bravenium-made soccer balls in his chest, which can sprout spikes and be kicked at the enemy, called the Soccer Bomb. He is also equipped with a pair of machine guns on his legs.


Drill Boy was the final member of the Build Team to be completed and is also the most immature. His construction was originally heavily delayed by the Underground Empire, but he was completed just in time to save the day when the Empire assaulted the secret factory.


Brave Saga

Drill appear in Brave Saga and Brave Saga2, in Brave Saga2, Drill Boy and Dumpson got caught by Doza, then his mind turned to be totally children, and drill a hole, allow Ayako and Dumpson use it for evacuate.

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