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BP-501 Shadow-Maru (シャドウ丸), also known as the Ninja Detective (忍者刑事 - Ninja Keiji) is a Brave robot from The Brave Police J-Decker television series. He is a transforming multi-mode member of the Brave Police.


Shadow-Maru's alternate modes include a dog mode, police car mode, jet mode, tank mode, and later on a Brave Cannon mode. He originally preferred to operate as a lone wolf, but opened his heart after joining the Brave Police.

Similar to the rest of the Brave Police, Shadow-Maru is armed with a standard-issue revolver and a mechanical Brave Police notebook. His personal weapons include a pair of katanas, various shurikens, a kusarigama, a handheld rifle, Vulcan guns usable in Jet Mode and beam cannons usable in Tank Mode and Car Mode. He also has several advanced spying systems like motion and heat sensors along with top-notch hacking programs that can access satellites or complete feats such as remotely linking his optics with security cameras.


  • Standard Pistol (Seishiki Kenjuu - 制式拳銃)

Standard equipment for the Brave Police robots. Revolver-type pistol.

  • Katana (刀)

Shadow-Maru is equipped with a pair of these, one short and one long.

  • Shuriken (手裏剣)

Numerous bladed projectiles that Shadow-Maru can throw.


Shadow-Maru first appeared during the hunt for Kagerou, telling the Brave Police to stay out of this case. He initially allowed Kagerou to escape as long as he promised to never cause trouble again, but Kagerou was then captured and had his Super-AI chip removed, which rendered Kagerou's original body as a mindless war machine. Shadow-Maru was forced to destroy the now-mindless body of Kagerou. After having a lead on the whereabouts of Kagerou's Super-AI, which was on a submarine, Shadow-Maru infiltrated it but fell into a trap instead. After a battle that led to the submarine's destruction, Shadow-Maru escaped the submarine with help from Kagerou's Super-AI chip, before Kagerou himself went down with the submarine. After the incident, Shadow-Maru decided to join the Brave Police as Kagerou's last wish was for him to live a good life. During Episode 43, Shadow-Maru temporarily received a power boost from the Hyjuss alien peacekeepers, allowing him to transform into the Brave Cannon along with growing in size to allow the Brave Police team to use him. The boost was removed once the Hyjuss finished their mission of capturing the space criminal Gammon, whose plan of annexing Earth was foiled by the Brave Police with the Brave Cannon.  



  • Shadow-Maru's tooling originates from the Transformers franchise, specifically the six-changer Decepticon character Sixshot. He also uses toolings from the Autobot Greatshot version of the mold.
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