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BP-601 GunMax (ガンマックス), also known as the Motorcycle Detective (自バイ刑事 - Jibai Keiji) is a Brave robot from The Brave Police J-Decker TV series. Part of the Brave Police, he can combine with his motorcycle, the Gun Bike to form GunMax Armor, or transform with his GunBike to form the Max Cannon for J-Decker's use.


Unlike the other Brave Police units, GunMax does not have a vehicle form, instead riding a large motorcycle called the GunBike. He originally came off as being overconfident, cynical and sarcastic, preferring to operate alone and shuns others. After his adventures with Yuuta Tomonaga and BP-110 Deckerd though, he began to open his heart and gradually became a team player.

Similar to the rest of the Brave Police, GunMax is armed with a standard-issue revolver and a mechanical Brave Police notebook. He also carries a shotgun for combat.


GunMax was originally built to work with the Highway Patrol division of the police, but ran into problems after his partner Kirisaki was revealed to be illegally selling police weapons and confiscated cars. He was transferred to the Brave Police shortly after, and had a rocky start due to his attitude and preference to not work with others, but eventually became a valued member.


Brave Saga

GunMax appears in Brave Saga and Brave Saga2. In Brave Saga, after he joins, J-Decker and Fire J-Decker can use Max Cannon.

At Brave Saga2, Gun Max joins the team earlier then Deckerd. After J-Decker appears, J-Decker can use Max Cannon as a Guts attack.

Brave Wars

GunMax joins the team at the episode Deckerd is back or 1/50000 miracle, but is no longer usable after Arch Castle event.


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