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Baan (バーン) is a Brave Robot from The Saint of Braves Baan Gaan continuity. One of the Holy Braves, he dwells in an artificial mechanical body created by V.A.R.S, and can combine with the Gaan Dasher to form Baan Gaan. From there on he can combine with Mach Sperion to form Great Baan Gaan.


A Holy Brave representing courage, he was sent to Earth by the Great Will Astral, in search of the holy power, "courage". He merged with Shunpei Serizawa's customized VR-3C VARS, with a height of 15 cm and can transform into a sports car. With Shunpei's shout "Brave Charge!", Baan can grow in size up to 10 meters and combat enemies.

Equipment & Abilities

  • Wheel Shooter (ホイールシューター)
  • Baan Magnum (バーンマグナム)

A handheld pistol equipped by Baan. It is also Baan's only animated weapon, shown in the game's opening.

  • Baan Thunder (バーンサンダー)

Baan channels thunder energy into the 5 horns on his body, before discharging the electricity towards the enemy using his side head horns.

  • Dragon Burst (ドラゴンバースト)

Baan unleashes a powerful flame blast from his chest dragon's mouth.

  • Wyvern Wing (ワイバーンウイング)


Brave Saga

When game-exclusive main antagonist Grandark is unsealed, Baan follows Astral's order to arrive on Earth in search of the holy power, "courage". He possessed Shunpei Serizawa's VARS for a physical body, telling him to join his fight against Grandark and to announce "Brave Charge!" for him. Initially, Shunpei, scared and lacking confidence in himself, refuses to do so, but later when Nanako is in trouble, Shunpei acts fast, accepting Baan's request only because he is prompted by his desire for Nanako to be saved, announcing "Brave Charge!" - this call allowed Baan to assume a 10 m size.

Over the course of the story of Brave Saga, Shunpei and Baan soon become united as a team fully as they join forces with the Braves and humans from Exkizer until Dagwon and stand against the forces of Grandark. As the story progresses, Shunpei and Baan are able to set Shunpei's corrupted friend Hiro Sakashita and corrupted Holy Brave Sperion free from Grandark's ranks and return them to the side of good as their freedom is returned.

With Hiro and Sperion set free from their corruption, Baan Gaan and Mach Sperion are able to perform Friendship Combination and form Great Baan Gaan.

After the final battle with Grandark, Baan returns to his home world as he and Shunpei return to their separate ways once their respective duties have been accomplished.

Brave Saga 2

In Brave Saga 2, Baan returns to Shunpei to enlist him to team-up with him again so that he may rely on Shunpei's courage to help him once again as they face off against the game-exclusive new antagonists of Brave Saga 2.


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