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Baan Gaan (バーンガーン) is the titular Brave Robot from The Saint of Braves Baan Gaan continuity. A Holy Brave whose mechanical body was created by V.A.R.S, he is formed from the Dragon God Combination (龍神合体 / Ryuujin Gattai) of Baan and the Gaan Dasher. He can then combine with Mach Sperion (Sperion + Mach Phoenix to form Great Baan Gaan. Furthermore, he can combine with the V.A.R.S-made support mechas BS-1 Ikkaku, BS-2 Griff and BS-3 Hound to form Drill Baan Gaan, Wing Baan Gaan and Powered Baan Gaan respectively.

During the final battle, if Great Baan Gaan is defeated by Shin Grandark, he shall revert back to Baan Gaan and, after hearing the other Braves and their human friends cheering him and Shunpei on and believing in their courage, evolve into the ultimate form of courage, Hyper Baan Gaan (ハイパーバーンガーン), sporting a golden shine all over his body.


Baan Gaan is a further and greater embodiment of courage, triggered by his "Fountain of Courage", Shunpei Serizawa's shout "Brave Charge!" (ブレイブチャージ), followed by a signal beam emitted from his Baan Brace, initializing the combination. However, when Shunpei was captured by Seltz Bach, leaving Baan all by his own, the Holy Brave came to realize that even he himself bears a heart of courage, which allowed him to combine into Baan Gaan by his own. The Holy Brave can reach his most powerful state when merging as one with his source of power, Shunpei's courage, by integrating the human boy with himself through a tractor beam emitted from the green forehead crystal. Aside from his standard arsenal, Baan Gaan can combine with the V.A.R.S-made support mechas to access various situation-specific forms. Finally, after Shunpei understood in his heart that one must stick to what he believes in no matter what, Baan Gaan gained the ability to transform into the powerful Baan Gaan Dragon.

Weapons & Attacks

  • Baan Knuckle (バーンナックル)

Baan Gaan launches his forearm at the enemy.

  • Spark Cannon (スパークキャノン)

A pair of beam cannons are mounted on Baan Gaan's back.

  • Dragon Burst (ドラゴンバースト)

A powerful fireball fired from the chest dragon head. Technique inherited from Baan.

  • Twin Lancer (ツインランサー)

Baan Gaan's primary weapon, a pair of golden swords. Baan Gaan doesn't use the blades in this form often in favor of the Dual Lancer.

  • Dual Lancer (デュアルランサー)
The Twin Lancers can be combined at their hilts to form the Dual Lancer. Baan Gaan usually wields the weapon in this form.
  • Cross Impact (クロスインパクト)

Baan Gaan slashes the enemy in a cross shape with the Dual Lancer.

  • Lancer Shoot (ランサーシュート)

Baan Gaan throws the Dual Lancer at the enemy like a spear.

  • Sirius Imprude (シリウスインプルード)

Spinning the Dual Lancer at high speed, Baan Gaan throws the Lancer at the enemy like a boomerang, which slices the enemy apart in a pentagram formation.

  • Impale Nova (インペイルノヴァ)

Baan Gaan leaps up before slashing down on the target with the Dual Lancer. Only attack seen in the opening.

  • Spiral Thunder (スパイラルサンダー)

Baan Gaan charges himself before unleashing a pair of electrical discharges at the enemy. This technique is always performed before the Dragon Break is used, so it is possible that the Spiral Thunder is released to paralyze the enemy first.

  • Dragon Break (ドラゴンブレイク)

After releasing the Spiral Thunder on the target beforehand, Baan Gaan transforms into Baan Gaan Dragon and charges at the enemy, mowing them down.

  • Plasma Strike (プラズマストライク)

Combination attack with Mach Sperion. Baan Gaan unleashes the Spiral Thunder at the enemy, restraining them mid-air, while Mach Sperion uncombines, followed the blazing Mach Phoenix charging at the enemy and obliterating them. Mach Sperion then recombines soon after.


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