The Build Team are a division of the Brave Police.


The Build Team are construction robots that helped build the facilities for the police (particularly the Deckerd Room, Brave Police headquarters), and were later given Super AI programming like Deckerd, allowing them to have emotions.

The Build Team provide support for J-Decker by combining into Build Tiger. The first few times they attempted to combine, they were unsuccessful. When the space elevator was collapsing and threatening to cause a tsunami and J-Decker could not stop it, they managed to succeed with the help of their close friends: Ayako KimizukaSeia Onoue, Yuta's best friends and his neighbors.

Later, another member was added, the soccer enthusiast Drill Boy, who was initially much more immature in comparison to the other members.


Build Tiger

Build Tiger is the combined form of McCrane, Dumpson and Power Joe. McCrane becomes the torso and right arm. Power Joe becomes the right arm and thighs and Dumpson forms the lower legs. He first combined in response to a collapsing space elevator [1][2].

Super Build Tiger

After Drill Boy was introduced, all of the Build Team could combine into Super Build Tiger, a very powerful mode where Drill Boy splits to form armor for Build Tiger.

Super Build Tiger

Super Build Tiger


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