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Build Tiger (ビルドタイガー) is a Brave robot from The Brave Police J-Decker television series. He is formed from the Construction Combination (建設合体 - Kensetsu Gattai) of the Build Team (BP-301 McCrane, BP-302 Power Joe, BP-303 Dumpson). He can then additionally combine with BP-304 Drill Boy to form Super Build Tiger.


Build Tiger is the combined form of the original Build Team. With this new form, the Build Team gains the ability to fly, along with extra offensive power in the form of the Tiger Cannon.

When Vice Commissioner Azuma questioned Commissioner Juuzou on why is there a tiger head on Build Tiger's chest, the Commissioner replied: "Because it's cool."

Equipments & Abilities

  • Tiger Cannon

A powerful beam cannon mounted on the right clavicle that is originally McCrane's crane section.

  • Riot Gun

A rifle formed from McCrane's shotgun, Power Joe's tonfas and Dumpson's dumbells. Never used by Build Tiger but was used by Super Build Tiger instead in Episode 40.


The Build Team originally had many problems combining into Build Tiger, failing for a total of 3 times. After each of the members had a talk with their closest friends, they finally knew how to combine properly - by thinking about those that are important to them, just like how Deckerd does. The combination was a success, and so Build Tiger assisted J-Decker in completely destroying the falling orbital elevator, preventing a massive disaster.


Brave Wars

Build Tiger is ranged unit just like J-Decker, however his tiger cannon cannot use until the morale is 5, better equip Kiai 2 for start game morale.

After Drill Boy joining the team, Build Tiger will replaced as Super Build Tiger.

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