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Deckerd, Killed in Action is the twenty-fifth episode of Brave Police J-Decker.


While the team is celebrating the one year anniversary since the start of the Brave Police project, two new robots equipped with Super AI called Chieftains attack and the team mobilizes to fight them. However, they are some of the toughest enemies the Brave Police have ever fought, and they may not make it out unscathed...


  • This is one of the three worst way for make main brave combine robot down, another are Might Gaine and Goldran.
  • Yuuta's Drawing is illustrated by Ishida Atsuko.
  • This episode has the first appearance of Duke, and marks the beginning of an arc which lasts for several episodes.
  • Record from J-Decker LD's "secret story behind the development", this episode originally be different thing, title is "ふしぎな少年", about one android got the Super AI, but the story's end is dark thing ( this android going be Victim's route), and then Takara reject it, cause the staff make this new episode.
  • Same time, because the change, "The Invisible Thieves" which epsiode suppose be ep24 had been delay (originally this episode called "ドキドキ勇子事件ファイル"), to be ep31.