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The Dragon Jet (ドラゴンジェット) is a support vehicle designed for Exkizer from The Brave Fighter Exkizer TV series. It can be utilized by Exkizer/King Exkizer to use as a mobile hovercraft, transform into a support robot drone called Dragon (ドラゴン), or combine with Exkizer/King Exkizer into Dragon Kizer/Great Exkizer.


It is armed with a pair of double-barreled beam cannons known as the Dragon Cannon (ドラゴンキャノン), which can fire simultaneously to create a powerful beam volley. Exkizer/King Exkizer can summon the fighter jet by projecting a beam from their headpiece. The mecha forms Dragon Kizer's body and Great Exkizer's boots, arms, body armor and backpack.

The most noticeable difference between Dragon and Dragon Kizer is that the Dragon has no eyes and it's chest dragon eyes are still covered by the chest crest.


The Dragon Jet was first seen in episode 26, when King Exkizer was at a disadvantage against the flight-capable Dino Geist and his Geister Robo, with King Exkizer summoning in the machine and using it as a hovercraft to defeat Dino Geist. Its Dragon form was first seen in episode 27, aiding in the defeat of the Geisters and allowing for the human-made orbital satellites, the Sweepers, to activate in time and destroy an Earth-threatening meteor shower. Finally, in episode 28, we see Dragon Jet combine with Exkizer to form Dragon Kizer.