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Dragon Kizer (ドラゴンカイザー) is a Brave Robo from The Brave Fighter Exkizer TV series. A powered up version of Space Police Kaisers leader Exkizer, he is formed from the Gigantic Combination (巨大合体 | Kyodai Gattai) between Exkizer and his second auxiliary support vehicle Dragon Jet. He can then further combine with King Roder to form Great Exkizer.


Dragon Kizer is Exkizer's second powered-up form. While King Exkizer is geared towards sword combat, Dragon Kizer mainly utilizies ranged weaponry and martial arts. When required, he can also transform back into his jet mode, similar to Dragon Jet/Dragon.

Armaments & Attacks

  • One-Two Punch (ワンツーパンチ)

Dragon Kizer rapidly punches the enemy. Only seen in Brave Saga 1.

  • Dragon Beam (ドラゴンビーム)

Dragon Kizer fires a blue beam from the green crystal on his forehead.

  • Dragon Cannon (ドラゴンキャノン)

A pair of double-barrelled beam cannons mounted on Dragon Kizer's forearms.

  • Dragon Tonfa (ドラゴントンファー)
When required, the Dragon Cannons can change into the Dragon Tonfas by retracting the barrels and rapidly rotating, becoming excellent close-combat weapons.
  • Dragon Anchor (ドラゴンアンカー)

Mounted on Dragon Kizer's shoulders are a pair of claws, which have flight capabilities and can be controlled to remotely strike enemies.

  • Dragon Boomerang (1) (ドラゴンブーメラン)

Dragon Kizer can release the Dragon Boomerangs from his forearm ports, which resembles Exkizer's Jet Boomerangs.

  • Dragon Boomerang (2) (ドラゴンブーメラン)

Dragon Kizer uses his chest crest as a boomerang. Shares its name with Dragon Kizer's forearm projectile listed above.

  • Dragon Wave/Dragon Thunder (ドラゴンウェーブ/ドラゴンサンダー)

A charge of electricity unleashed from Dragon Kizer's hands. When required, the temperature of this ability can be adjusted.

  • Dragon Shooter (ドラゴンシューター)

Triple-bladed shurikens fired from Dragon Kizer's arm ports, similar to Exkizer's Spike Cutter.

  • Rocket Cluster (ロケットクラスター)

The Dragon Cannons detach from Dragon Kizer's forearms and combine into one, then bombard the enemy with beams.

  • Dragon Corkscrew Kick (ドラゴンコースクリューキック)

Dragon Kizer unleashes a flying corkscrew kick on the enemy.

  • Dragon Archery (ドラゴンアーチェリー)

The crest on Dragon Kizer's chest expands outwards, revealing a handle, as the crest shapeshifts and enlarges into a gigantic bow, known as the Dragon Archery. Aside from being used to unleash the Thunder Arrow finishing move, the bow can also be used as a makeshift melee weapon, as seen when it unleashed a powerful energy burst at Dino Geist by a powered-up Dragon Kizer in Episode 32.

  • Thunder Arrow (サンダーアロー)
Dragon Kizer's finishing move. Drawing an arrow from his back, the Brave Robot loads it into the Dragon Archery, as the bow is struck by lightning from above, empowering the arrow with energy. Taking aim, Dragon Kizer unleashes the shining arrow at the enemy. After defeating the target, Dragon Kizer mounts the Dragon Archery back on his chest and poses, as the chest dragon eyes shine.
  • (Great) Kizer Sword (カイザーソード)

During the events of episode 31, when Dragon Kizer was on the verge of being defeated by Dino Geist, one of the Nazca Lines in his area projected a hologram into the sky, forming a brand new Kizer Sword. The Dragon Archery then combined with the blade to form the brand new Great Kizer Sword, capable of scratching the previously impregnable Dino Shield. This weapon is later inherited by Great Exkizer.

In the anime it is only referred to as the "Kizer Sword", but here in the Wiki it is named as such for convenience.


During the events of episode 28, while Exkizer was attempting to combine into King Exkizer, the King Roder was stopped on its tracks and heavily wrecked by the Geisters. Having no options left, Exkizer summoned the Dragon Jet and combined into Dragon Kizer, destroying the Geisters' monster and forcing them to retreat. After acquiring the Great Kizer Sword with the help of the Nazca Lines in episode 31, the Dragon Kizer configuration is still seen used in combat, but not as much as the newly acquired Great Exkizer.