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Duke Fire (デュークファイヤー) is a Brave robot from The Brave Police J-Decker TV series. Part of the Brave Police, he is formed from the Emergency Combination (救急合体 - Kyuukyuu Gattai) of BP-119 Duke and the Fire Roader. He can then combine with J-Decker (BP-110 Deckerd + J-Roader) to form Fire J-Decker.


When facing tough situations, Duke will combine with the Fire Roader to form Duke Fire. Unlike J-Decker, Duke Fire cannot equip the Max Cannon, but he is designed to not hinder Fire J-Decker's combination port with the Cannon when combining. Duke Fire's combination pattern to form Fire J-Decker is also based on BP-304 Drill Boy's combination pattern to form Super Build Tiger.

Named Equipment & Abilities

  • Fire Sword (ファイヤーソード)

A large broadsword stored in the Fire Roader's ladder, it is made from the metal Bravenium Gamma. Inherited by Fire J-Decker.

  • Fire Buster (ファイヤーバスター)

A rifle which fire heat rays and acts as Duke Fire's main long-range weapon. Similar in design to J-Decker's J-Buster.

  • Knight and Captain (ナイト&キャプテン)

Combination attack with Captain Shark, seen in Brave Saga 2. Duke Fire and Captain Shark take turns to slash the enemy with their Fire Sword and Captain Sword respectively.


Duke Fire originally made his debut during the Brave Police's first encounter with the Chieftains, swiftly overpowering them, although he did not made it in time to prevent J-Decker and Deckerd from receiving critical damage. In later episodes, Duke Fire successfully combined with J-Decker to form Fire J-Decker and managed to have his Super-AI unit intact, despite only having a 0.0002 percent of both units not losing their memories after combining.


Brave Saga

He appear in Brave Saga and Brave Saga2, he can heal comrade, in brave saga2, he can extinguish fire.

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