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Eva Fahrzeug (エヴァ・フォルツォイク Eva Forutsoiku) is a major antagonist in The Brave Police J-Decker.


Before the beginning of the show, Eva Fahrzeug was responsible for the development of the Farhzeugronne Chip, a computer chip used in a variety of advanced machines and robots, including those of the Brave Police. She wanted to develop an even more advanced chip, but attempted to do so through unethical human experiments, leading to her being apprehended by the government and being cryogenically frozen in a top-secret facility in Etonia.

A long time after she was frozen, her son, Neuva Fahrzeug launched an attack against the facility, freeing her and unfreezing her. After being reunited, the pair entered the Big Mother flying fortress, causing chaos and destruction worldwide by using the Hameln System to control all machines using the now-ubiquitous Fahrzeugronne chips, including Super AI robots.

Eventually, the Brave Police were able to stop the pair, but weren't able to apprehend them. They vanished for a while, before returning to attempt to kill Yuuta. Their attempt was stopped at the last moment by Deckerd, but they fled, returning to the facility in Etonia with the help of Black Chieftan. Upon arriving, Eva and her son decided to return to being cryogenically frozen forever.


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