Fire J-Decker is a super robot from the Brave Police J-Decker television series.


Fire J-Decker is the combined form of J-Decker and Duke Fire, which are the powered-up forms of Deckerd and Duke. J-Decker forms the main body of Fire J-Decker, with Duke Fire adding onto to places such as the legs and arms. Gun Max can also combine with Gun Bike to form the Max Cannon, which can be used by Fire J-Decker.

When Deckerd was went offline and was brought back, he suffered memory loss. While he managed to regain his memories, the combination sequences that would allow him and Duke to combine were corrupted, meaning there was a very high chance that one of them could completely lose their memories. Happily, that didn't happen and the were successfully able to combine with no issues.

Commissioner Juuzo Saejima came up with the name for the robot.