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Fire J-Decker (ファイヤージェイデッカー) is the ultimate Brave robot and the 5th of the Brave Series' Great Combiners from The Brave Police J-Decker television series. The strongest Brave Policeman, he is formed from the Great Police Combination (大警察合体 - Dai Keisatsu Gattai) of J-Decker (BP-110 Deckerd + J-Roader) and Duke Fire (BP-119 Duke + Fire Roader). Similar to J-Decker, Fire J-Decker can also combine with the Max Cannon formed from BP-601 GunMax and his Gun Bike to create Fire J-Decker Max Cannon Mode (ファイヤージェイデッカーマックスキャノンモード).


Fire J-Decker is the combined form of J-Decker and Duke Fire, boasting immense power and agility along with an impressive array of weapons.

Equipment & Abilities

  • Fire Arm (ファイヤーアーム)

A claw appearing from one half of Duke's body mounted on Fire J-Decker's right forearm. The body half on the left arm can also switch out the Fire Drill for a second Fire Arm if required.

  • Fire Drill (ファイヤードリル)

A drill appearing from one half of Duke's body mounted on Fire J-Decker's left forearm.

  • J-Buster (ジェイバスター)

Beam rifle inherited from J-Decker.

  • Fire Sword (ファイヤーソード)

Broadsword inherited from Duke Fire, now stored on Fire J-Decker's left side skirt armor, within the Fire Roader's ladder.

  • Burning Fire Sword (バーニングファイヤーソード)

The Brave Police emblem on Fire J-Decker's chest will give off a shine before having the Fire Sword engulfed in flames. Fire J-Decker will then proceed to take a high jump and slash down on the enemy with the sword.

  • Max Cannon (マックスキャノン)

Fire J-Decker can still use the Max Cannon like J-Decker, now presumably with a higher firing output.

  • Fire Sword - Rolling Thunder (ファイヤーソード・ローリングサンダー)

Fire J-Decker moves the Fire Sword in an arc shape, gathering a circular halo of electricity around the blade in the process, charging it up. The sword will then be either thrown towards the target like a spear or be directly wielded to slice an enemy in half.


When Deckerd went offline and was brought back, he suffered memory loss. While he managed to regain his memories, the combination sequences that would allow him and Duke to combine were corrupted, meaning there was a very high chance (99.998%, or 49,999 out of 50,000) that one of them could completely lose their memories.

When the Hyper Chieftains were deployed, J-Decker, Super Build Tiger, Shadow-Maru, and GunMax Armor engaged, though they couldn't make much headway. Duke Fire arrived, but the Hyper Chieftains were ordered to strike at each other, killing one of them to initiate their combination into the Armored Chieftain, putting the Brave Police back on the brink. While Yuuta was willing to initiate the combination sequence as both Deckerd and Duke were willing to sacrifice themselves, though Regina wished to stop the combination until she became aware of the two Braves' thoughts on the matter.

Fortunately, both Deckerd and Duke preserved their memories, and they engaged the Armored Chieftain, making sure to not go for lethal blows. The Armored Chieftain was defeated, but Victim, riding Dan, attempted to impale Fire J-Decker. The Armored Chieftain intercepted the blow, sacrificing himself for Fire J-Decker.



  • Commissioner Juuzou Saejima came up with the name for the robot. He originally thought of the name "Great J-Decker" but eventually decided against it due to being too generic, choosing "Fire" instead to represent the Brave Police's burning, passionate soul and courage.
  • Fire J-Decker is the shortest and lightest of the Great Combiners with known measurements.
    • The next shortest is Super Fire Dagwon, at 24.8 meters, 2.5 more than Fire J-Decker.
    • The next lightest is Great Goldran, at 88.2 tons, more than 3 times as heavy as Fire J-Decker.

Brave Saga

Fire J-Decker appears in Brave Saga and Brave Saga 2. In Brave Saga, his Max Cannon has 5 range, and can damage True Grandark without counter-attack. In Brave Saga 2, he can heal and extinguish fires, though he can't utilize the drill on his arm.

Brave Wars

Fire J-Decker is a powerful unit, with Fire Sword Rolling Thunder being an attack with a range of 3. He can equip 10 items, and has level 2 repair and level 2 Critical. However he has no command for raising his Morale, so it is recommended to equip the Kiai 3 to increase it by 10, allowing him to use the Max Cannon.

If player uses Fire J-Decker defeat the last boss, then Fire J-Decker and Dailayzer will deliver the finishing blow together.

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