Gaine (ガイン) is a Brave robot from The Brave Express Might Gaine television series. He can combine with the Might Wing and Locomorizer to form Might Gaine, then combine with Might Kaiser to form Great Might Gaine.


Gaine's alternate form is a Nozomi Service 300 Series Shinkansen bullet train. He is the first robot to be equipped with a Super-AI, which allows him to have human emotions along with excellent combat skills. He normally deploys alongside with Maito Senpuuji piloting the Might Wing. Gaine takes control of Might Gaine alongside Maito during the first half of the show but then switched to controlling Might Gaine all by himself after Maito becomes Might Kaiser's designated pilot.

Named Equipments & Abilities

  • Gaine Shot

A pistol stored in a compartment in the left blue clavicle section on Gaine's body.

  • Gaine Buster

A pair of cannons mounted on Gaine's legs. Unused in the anime.

  • Gaine Anchor

An anchor fired from Gaine's chest. Unused in the anime.


Gaine first made his debut when a trio of thieves used their robots to rob a back, easily defeating them. Later that evening, he was deployed and confronted Dr.Wolfgang's Ether 5656 who was stealing electricity from a factory. The 5656 initially proved too strong for Gaine to handle, so Maito sent out the command to combine into Might Gaine. swiftly defeating the enemy afterward.

Gaine was the only member of the Brave Express Team's Super-AI robots to survive the final battle.


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