Guard Wing (ガードウィング) is a Brave robot from The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird TV series. He is the final member of the Guard Team, a subsidiary group of the Space Police Force. He can combine with the other 3 Guard Team members /Guardion to form Super Guardion.


Compared to the rest of the team, Guard Wing has a rather cocky and arrogant personality, thinking that he is superior to everyone and can defeat Draias all by himself. His alternate mode is a jet-helicopter.

Guard Wing's reason of joining the Space Police Force was because "it's cool".

Named Equipments

  • Wing Boomerang

A boomerang stored on Guard Wing's back, which becomes Super Guardion's headpiece. Unused in the anime.

  • Maser Crusher

Cannons mounted on the arms that fire supersonic crushing waves. Unused in the anime.

  • Knee Grapper

Lift arms fired from the knees. Unused in the anime.

  • Wing Shooter

A handheld machine gun that becomes Guard Wing's tail binder in jet-helicopter mode.

  • Wing Detonator

The cylindrical sections on the tip of Guard Wing's wings are beam guns that can either fire in single bursts or fire rapidly.

  • Wing Hurricane

A powerful gust of wing unleashed from Guard Wing's propellent turbines.

Other Equipments

  • Guard Wing has machine guns mounted on his arms and on other parts of his body.


During Draias' America invasion operation, the Space Police Force was put into a pinch, with millions of hostages in Draias' hands, and with Draias himself being too powerful for even Armed Fighbird to handle, Katori had no choice but to call for backup, specifically Guard Wing. He arrived just at the nick of time, deploying the machine that destroyed the Teshitas (Draias' robotic foot soldiers) and freeing the captured Space Police Force. Together, they managed to drive Draias away and take back America.

After defeating Draias, the entire Space Police Force decided to live on Earth in their original bodies, which are identical to humas, aside from having different brain waves. Guard Wing took on the human name "Tsubasa Sarutobi".


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