Jumbo Saber (ジャンボセイバー) is a Brave robot from The Brave Fighter of Legend Da-Garn television series. He is the leader of the Sabers group of Brave Warriors, along with his teammates Jet Saber, Shuttle Saber and Hawk Saber. He can combine with Jet and Shuttle to form Sky Saber, or additionally combine with Hawk to form Pegasus Saber.


Similar to his name, Jumbo Saber's alternate mode is a Jumbo jet. He has a rather quiet personality. As he usually has to control air traffic, he remarked that the skies are quite rowdy. He likes to go sightseeing as a Jumbo jet.

Named Equipments & Abilities

  • Jumbo Arrow

A handheld bow that is the Jumbo mode's tailfin. It shoots beam arrows.

  • Jumbo Tornado

Jumbo Saber's fists will retract to make way for his arm sockets to generate a powerful wind current.


Jumbo Saber was the first of the Sabers, and the second of the Brave Warriors to be awakened from his sleep. His Brave Stone was mounted on the head of a sacrogaphus that was traveling back to Japan from Egypt, so Jumbo Saber possessed the Jumbo jet he was on immediately after Seiji Takasugi awakened him.


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