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The King Roder (キングローダー) is a support vehicle designed for Exkizer from The Brave Fighter Exkizer TV series. It can be utilized by Exkizer to combine into King Exkizer or Great Exkizer, forming the main body.


Normally stationed in a different dimension, Exkizer summons it by shooting a beam ray from his forearm port. Aside from being used for combination, the large trailer can also be utilized for offensive purposes, such as ramming enemies. When required, Exkizer in his vehicle mode can also tow the King Roder.


Exkizer first summoned the King Roder in Episode 2 to form King Exkizer and rescue the Linear Motor Car captured by Geister Robo Hashider. It was heavily damaged by the Geisters in Episode 28, but reappeared fully repaired in Episode 32, as a nearly defeated Dragon Kizer asked for the "heavens" to grant him power against the overpowering Dino Geist, which resulted in the first formation of the series' Great Combiner, Great Exkizer.