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Mach Sperion (マッハスペリオン) is a Brave Robot from The Saint of Braves Baan Gaan continuity. A Holy Brave whose mechanical body was created by V.A.R.S, he is formed from the Phoenix Combination (鳳凰合体 / Houou Gattai) of Sperion and the Mach Phoenix. He can then combine with Baan Gaan (Baan + Gaan Dasher to form Great Baan Gaan.

As Sperion was temporarily captured and turned into the representation of despair, Guildion, Mach Sperion is in turn transformed into Dark Guildion before being reverted back to normal. In Brave Saga 2, however, Guildion broke free from Sperion and became a separate entity, which also applies to Dark Guildion.


Mach Sperion is a further and greater embodiment of hope, triggered by his "Fountain of Hope", Hiro Sakashita's shout "Fire Charge!" (ファイヤーチャージ), followed by a signal beam emitted from his Mach Trigger, initializing the combination. Similar to Baan Gaan, Mach Sperion can exert his full performance when combined with his source of power, in this case, Hiro, by fusing with the human boy, although the tractor beam pulling Hiro up for the merging is now released from Sperion's chest before forming Mach Sperion, as opposed to how the combined Baan Gaan merges with Shunpei with a beam from his forehead.

Weapons & Attacks

  • Mach Saber (マッハサーベル)

A handheld sword stored within the right skirt armor. Seen in Brave Saga 2.

  • Mach Shot (マッハショット)

Handheld break-action muskets wielded by Mach Sperion, pulled out from within his clavicle sections. He can be seen dual-wielding a pair of these in the art gallery included in Brave Saga 2, however he is always depicted using only a single one in game combat.

  • Fire Wing (ファイヤーウイング)

A small, black wing plate with golden outlines mounted on Mach Sperion's back (which also doubles as Mach Phoenix's tail) can be equipped on the forearm and launched at the enemy, with some flame effects.

  • Phoenix Storm (フェニックスストーム)

A blazing tornado unleashed from the chest phoenix head. Technique inherited from Sperion.

  • Star Beam (スタービーム)

A star-shaped energy blast is released from the chest phoenix head.

  • Burning Spartan (バーニングスパルタン)

Mach Sperion launches the Fire Wing at the enemy before rapidly blasting them with his Mach Shot.

  • Plasma Strike (プラズマストライク)

Combination attack with Baan Gaan. Baan Gaan unleashes the Spiral Thunder at the enemy, restraining them mid-air, while Mach Sperion uncombines, followed the blazing Mach Phoenix charging at the enemy and obliterating them. Mach Sperion then recombines soon after.


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