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Hope rides on the wings of silver; light up, the green light for peace! The Brave Express Might Gaine, arriving on time according to schedule!

Might Gaine (マイトガイン) is the titular Brave robot from The Brave Express Might Gaine television series. He is formed from the Express Combination (特急合体 - Tokkyuu Gattai) of the Might Wing, Locomorizer and Gaine. He can then combine with Might Kaiser to form Great Might Gaine. Might Gaine is mainly piloted by Maito Senpuuji during the first half of the series but was singlehandedly controlled by Gaine instead after Might Kaiser's introduction.


When facing enemies that are too much for Gaine or Might Wing to handle, Maito Senpuuji will send out the command to combine into Might Gaine (Let's Might Gaine!). Might Gaine was mainly controlled by Gaine all by himself during the latter part of the series, though Maito still sometimes pilot Might Gaine (A side note is that Might Gaine gains a new debut pose when controlled by Gaine, but still retains the original debut pose when piloted by Maito).  During the later part of the series, Might Gaine no longer appears by "combining" but instead by "transforming" (evidenced by Gaine saying "Change!" instead of any form of combination name), as from that point on the Locomorizer was always deployed with the Might Wing and Gaine stored in the leg section, so technically the 3 machines are already combined as Might Gaine.

Named Equipments & Abilities

  • Mighty Slicer (マイティスライサー)

The Locomorizer's wheels, now stored on Might Gaine's back, can be deployed, sprout spikes and used as throwing projectiles.

  • Mighty Vulcan (マイティバルカン)

A pair of 6-barrel Vulcan cannons are stored on each of Might Gaine's clavicles, for a total of 4 cannons.

  • Signal Beam (シグナルビーム)

A blue and a pink beam are fired from the 2 head lenses on Might Gaine's head, which then entwines into each other to form a single beam.

  • Mighty Searcher (マイティサーチャー)

A high-output searchlight mounted on the chest. It can also be used to temporarily blind enemies

  • Mighty Shield (マイティシールド)

The Might Wing's wings (now located on Might Gaine's forearms) is expanded and used as a shield.

  • Mighty Cutter (マイティカッター)

The Might Wing's wings are opened up like the Mighty Shield, this time used for slicing enemies. Unused in the anime.

  • Mighty Discharger (マイティディスチャージャー)

A pair of water dischargers mounted at the abdomen section which can be used to put out fires.

  • Mighty Cannon (マイティキャノン)

A pair of cannons mounted on the hips. Unused in the anime.

  • Impulse Attack (インパルスアタック)

A powerful descending kick in tandem with Might Kaiser.

  • Impulse Attack (2)

A completely different combination attack from the one in the anime, seen in Brave Saga 2. Might Gaine and Might Kaiser strike at the enemy with a Tate-Ichimonji-Giri and Drill Crusher at the same time.

  • Tsubame Rocket (ツバメロケット)

During Episode 3, Might Gaine was equipped with this equipment, which is basically a launcher on the chest that shoots out a rocket-propelled bird in order to counter Shogun Mifune's henchman Kojiro's secret technique, by fooling him into slicing the shot-out bird instead of Might Gaine, leaving an opportunity to attack. Maito activates the Launcher by pressing a button on the right lever in the cockpit. "Tsubame" means swallow bird.

  • Dourinken (動輪剣 / Driving Wheel Sword)

Might Gaine's primary weapon. A pair of swords stored in the side skirt armors, although Might Gaine is always seen only using one of them at a time until the end of the series. When required, the sword's blade can be charged up with energy, allowing Might Gaine to execute his finishing moves.

  • Tate-Ichimonji-Giri (縦一文字斬り / Vertical One-Character Slash)

Might Gaine's finishing move. The Dourinken will be charged with energy, proceeding with Might Gaine jumping high up in the air and slices down on the enemy.

  • Yoko-Ichimonji-Giri (横一文字斬り / Horizontal One-Character Slash)

An alternative to the Tate-Ichimonjigiri, where Might Gaine will deliver a horizontal slash at the enemy while on the ground.

  • Juumonji-Giri (十文字斬り / Ten-Character Slash)

Might Gaine will first jump high up in the air like the Tate-Ichimonjigiri, but will deliver a Yoko-Ichimonjigiri instead, followed by the true Tate-Ichimonjigiri, leaving behind a cross-shaped slash mark on the enemy, hence the character 十 ("Juu", which also means 10 in Japanese) in the attack's name.

  • Double Dourinken (ダブル動輪剣 / Double Driving Wheel Sword)

During the final battle against Black Noir, Might Gaine deployed both of his Dourinkens and connected their hilts together to form the Double Dourinken. He then used this weapon to destroy Black Noir with one slash, with aid from Sally Yoshinaga's Innocent Waves. During the slash, Might Gaine's eyes and head lenses glow red. Originally the weapon was referred to only as "Dourinken" in the anime; later games gave it the present name.

  • Double Dourinken- Juumonji-Giri (ダブル動輪剣・十文字斬り / Double Driving Wheel Sword - Ten-Character Slash)

A completely different technique from the attack listed above, this time a combination attack with Black Might Gaine, seen in Brave Saga 2. Charging up their Dourinkens, Might Gaine and Black Might Gaine each take turns to slash the enemy, forming a cross shape on them, hence the "Juumonji-Giri".


During the first episode, when the Ether 5656 made by Dr.Wolfgang proved to be too powerful for Gaine to handle, Maito sent out the combination command for Might Gaine, swiftly defeating the 5656 later on.

Might Gaine was temporarily put out of action in Episode 23 after his 4th and final fight with Hiryuu led to the Locomorizer being heavily damaged. After the introduction of Might Kaiser, Gaine now has the ability to control Might Gaine all by himself, although Maito can still pilot it if he wishes.  

Maito reverted Great Might Gaine into Might Gaine for the final battle against Black Noir, purging the Kaiser parts as they were already too damaged. He initially took heavy damage from Noir's aura waves, taking hits to his right shoulder, left forearm plating, right knee, chest and mouthplate, exposing the cockpit and Maito himself. However, due to Sally Yoshinaga's Innocent Waves' timely intervention aboard the deployed Dairessha/Might Station, Black Noir's aura waves are neutralized, allowing for Might Gaine to finish the battle with the Double Dourinken. Gaine and Maito were the only components of Might Gaine that made it out after the battle. 


Brave Saga

Might Gaine appear in Brave Saga and Brave Saga2. In Brave Saga, Might Gaine had only 9 level when join the team, better training him with training system.

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