Regina Argine is a character in the Brave Police J-Decker series.


Regina Argine is originally from England. Her father worked as a policeman, and her mother built illegal robots. During a fight where her father was supposed to arrest her mother, he refused to do it since she was his wife, even though it was the right thing to do. This event would haunt Regina, and caused her to want to create the "perfect policeman." Being incredibly smart, she went into robotics at Cambridge at a very young age to obtain a degree, and eventually became the chief of development for the Scotland Yard Brave Police team.

Regina tried achieve the "perfect policeman" by building Duke, but it did not turn out the way she expected. She eventually traveled with Duke to Japan, where she would help Deckerd regain his memories, and with the issues surrounding the combination sequences for Fire J-Decker. She later returned to England to work on building the robots for the Scotland Yard Brave Police.

Since Duke was built by her, he considers her a parental figure.