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Sperion (スペリオン) is a Brave Robot from The Saint of Braves Baan Gaan continuity. One of the Holy Braves, he dwells in an artificial mechanical body created by V.A.R.S, and can combine with the Mach Phoenix to form Mach Sperion. From there on he can combine with Baan Gaan to form Great Baan Gaan.

He was temporarily captured and turned into the representation of despair, Guildion, before being reverted back to normal. In Brave Saga 2, however, Guildion broke free from Sperion and became a separate entity.


Weapons & Attacks

  • Superior Blade (スペリオルブレード)

Sperion's handheld sword, which can alter the shape of it's blade and be used as a whip if required.

  • Phoenix Storm (フェニックスストーム)

A blazing tornado unleashed from the chest phoenix head.

  • Gatling Needle (ガトリングニードル)

Needles rapidly fired from Sperion's forearm ports.

  • Fire Finish (ファイヤーフィニッシュ)

Hopping onto the Mach Phoenix, Sperion closes in on the enemy and thrusts his Superior Blade at them, before Mach Phoenix comes back around and charges through the enemy.