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Super Build Tiger (スーパービルドタイガー) is a Brave robot from The Brave Police J-Decker television series. He is formed from the Super Construction Combination (趙建設合体 - Chou Kensetsu Gattai) of Build Tiger (BP-301 McCrane, BP-302 Power Joe, BP-303 Dumpson) and BP-304 Drill Boy.


When Build Tiger combines with Drill Boy to form Super Build Tiger, he gains a lot more power and speed, along with various new powerful weapons.

Named Equipment and Abilities

  • Riot Gun

Same one with Build Tiger. Super Build Tiger used the weapon on two occasion: First time in Episode 40 and the second time during the Brave Police's final battle with the Mad Mother in Episode 47. 

  • Tiger Cannon

The same one used by Build Tiger. Now, it can be connected with J-Decker's J-Buster by flipping backwards to initiate the Tiger Fang (see below).

  • Tiger Kick

Knee-thrust attack. Mainly controlled by Drill Boy.

  • Drill Punch

Covering his fist with energy in a spiraling shape, Super Build Tiger punches through the enemy.

  • Tiger Gimlet

The Build Team transforms into their vehicle forms and connect one after another, with Drill Boy at front followed by McCrane, Power Joe and Dumpson. The team then charges towards the enemy in their connected formation.

  • Build Crusher

A spiked metal ball is attached to the front of the clavicle crane, which then extends and rams the enemy.

  • Tiger Beam

A powerful beam unleashed from the new tiger head. This is Super Build Tiger's most powerful standalone weapon.

  • Tiger Fang

A powered-up Tiger Beam and a combination attack with J-Decker. Super Build Tiger will flip the Tiger Cannon backwards, in which J-Decker will connect his J-Buster with. The 2 Braves will then commence energy charging until 120% power, firing a giant beam from the tiger head afterwards. However, both J-Decker and Super Build Tiger will have their energy completely drained after usage of the attack.


During the Build Team's first attempt to pull off the Super Construction Combination, the team failed as they were having internal conflicts, especially with Drill Boy. During the infiltration operation of the Underground Empire, after Drill Boy felt that he needed to change and apologized to the team, the Build Team's hearts are finally united as one, which allowed them to form Super Build Tiger and defeat the culprit who was mind-controlling the Underground Empire for his own ends.


Brave Saga

Super Build Tiger appear in Brave Saga and Brave Saga2, as flight unit. In Brave Saga2, Super Build Tiger share level and status plus some points.

At Brave Saga2, Build team got divided by earth turned to be ancient form, however they still reunite at Earth Area(North America), Dozer's castle, and combine to be Super Build Tiger.

Brave Wars

After Drill Boys join the team, Super Build Tiger replace Build Tiger, the new one is more powerful indeed.

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