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Super Fire Dagwon (スーパーファイヤーダグオン) is the ultimate Brave robot of The Brave Command Dagwon television series, and the 7th Great Combiner of the Brave Series overall. The strongest robot of the Dagwon Braves, he is formed from the Super Blazing Combination (超火炎合体 - Chou Kaen Gattai) of Fire Dagwon and the Fire Shovel. He can still utilize Lian and Gunkid as weapons like his predecessors, even using them both on one occasion.


Being the strongest combiner of the Dagwons, Super Fire Dagwon holds immense power and durability, completely annihilating the previously invincible Zelma Seijin, who defeated all of the other Dagwons with ease. Moreover, Super Fire Dagwon has never been seen being overpowered by another enemy, which could very well make him one of the strongest Great Combiners too. However, unlike the other Great Combiners, Super Fire Dagwon comes with 2 major downsides:

  • He is formed only by using a special "Super Blazing Combination Lightwave" (超火炎合体光波 - Chō Kaen Gattai Kōha) fired from Dag-Base, as Fire Dagwon and Power Dagwon use 2 radically different operating systems.
  • This combination takes a massive toll on the body of his consciousness, En Daidouji - it drains him nearly all of his energy, causing Super Fire Dagwon to collapse after his first assembly and battle.

Named Equipment & Abilities

  • Power Shovel Arm

Inherited from Power Dagwon. Unusued in the anime.

  • Super Fire Burn

Super Fire Dagwon releases a flaming sphere from his forehead. Unused in the anime.

  • Super Mega Lightwave

Japanese: スーパーメガ光波 (Sūpā Mega Kōha). The finishing ability of this formation. A light-formed phoenix of flame is unleashed from Super Fire Dagwon's chestplate. Only used in Super Fire Dagwon's first battle, finished off the Zelma Seijin. This ability is unnamed in the anime - its name is instead found from sources of information.

  • Lio Sword

Lian's alternate sword form, which allows the Dagwon members to use him as a weapon.

  • Super Lio Sword

Wielding the Lio Sword, Super Fire Dagwon delivers a vertical slash to the enemy. Unseen in the anime.

  • Mugenhou (Infinity Cannon - 無限砲)

Similar to Fire Dagwon, Super Fire Dagwon can use Gunkid as a weapon, this time with the Mugenhou attaching on Super Fire Dagwon's left side due to the right arm's Power Shovel Arm being in the way. Only seen used alone in the games.

  • Triangle Chrismas Beam
"Within this body of steel is a fiery soul! An indomitable fighting spirit is proof of a Brave!"

"Combining three hearts into one, shine bright!"

"The miraculous Dagwon Power!"

"Triangle Christmas Beam!!!!!"

A special finishing ability, with both Lian and Gunkid aiding in the attack. Wielding the Lio Sword in his right hand and having the Mugenhou attached to his left side, Super Fire Dagwon generates a triangular prism that will unleash a giant pink and blue spiraling energy beam at the enemy.


The specifications for Super Fire Dagwon was first accidentally discovered by Rai Utsumi within Dag-Base's database, with Rai showing the specifications to En shortly after and telling him the risks of the formation. When all hope seems lost as the Dagwons face the overpowering Zelma Seijin, Dag-Base emerges from the Sankai mountain ranges with Rai and Luna piloting it. En decided to initiate the Super Blazing Combination, defeating the Zelma Seijin with ease, but the combination drained him of all of his energy, causing him to collapse soon after. Due to this risk, the combination was only used for 2 more times, the second time during the battle with Mado, where the Triangle Chrismas Beam was used to finish him off, and the third and last time when Genocide possessed Fire Dagwon's body as En forced Power Dagwon to combine with Fire Dagwon's body, leading to a battle of willpower between En and Genocide within Super Fire Dagwon, leaving the mecha completely destroyed.


Brave Saga

Super Fire Dagwon appears in Brave Saga and Brave Saga2; in Brave Saga, Super Fire Dagwon has two range 5 attack, can attack enemy with range 4 attack without counter attack.

Brave Wars

With Metupon order all her force attack Power Dagwon only, cause Power Dagwon suffer damage, however Rai and Luna had complete the combine data, then Super Fire Dagwon is born.