The Brave Express Might Gaine (勇者特急マイトガイン Yūsha Tokkyū Maito Gain?) is a 1993 anime television series created by Takara and Sunrise, it is the fourth in the Brave metaseries.


Maito Senpūji is a billionaire crime-fighting teenager, taking up his father's company and assets at the age of only 15. Taking control of the Might Gaine team of robots that his late father created, Senpūji and his free-thinking robot teams take on the crime lords that plague Neo Tokyo City.


Main Characters & Acquaintances

Major & Minor Antagonists

Notable Mechanics

Brave Express Team


Episode Number Japanese Title English Title
1 あれが噂のマイトガイン It's the Reputed Might Gaine!
2 吠えて発進!ボンバーズ Roar and Launch! Bombers
3 こいつは強い!剣豪ロボ He's Strong! Swordsman Robo
4 緊急出動!ダイバーズ Emergency Scramble! Divers
5 大統領を守りぬけ! Protect the President!
6 登場!宿命のライバル Enter! Rival of Destiny
7 悪魔の大文字焼き The Devil's Great-Character Burn
8 納豆に手を出すな! Keep Your Hands of the Nattou!
9 恐怖のルーレット The Fear of the Roulette
10 ミフネ大仏の御利益地獄
11 紅の翼! 飛龍登場 Crimson Wings! Enter Hiryuu
12 サロスの指輪 The Ring of Saros
13 荒野の決闘 Showdown in the Wastelands
14 ボンバーズ夕闇に死す?! Bombers, Death at Dusk?!
15 最も危険な遊戯(ゲーム) The Most Dangerous Game
16 ブラックガイン Black Gaine
17 完成!バトルボンバー Completed! Battle Bomber
18 永遠(とわ)に美しく The Eternal Beauty
19 よみがえる戦国武将 The Reborn Warring States General
20 うごめく巨大な悪の影 The Moving, Giant Shadow of Evil
21 勇者特急調査指令 Search Order on the Brave Express!
22 美しき悪の華 The Beautiful Flower of Evil
23 激突!飛龍VSマイトガイン Clash! Hiryuu vs Might Gaine
24 マイトカイザー見参! Might Kaiser Debuts!
25 正義のハートは一万度 The Heart of Justice is One Thousand Degrees
26 赤い霧の恐怖 Terror of the Red Mist
27 飛び立て!G(グレート)マイトガイン Fly Away! Great Might Gaine
28 ミフネの国盗りサミット Mifune's Country-Stealing Summit
29 勇者の休日 The Braves' Day Off
30 戦え!屋台ラーメン Fight! Ramen Stall
31 友情の合体バトル The Combination Battle of Friendship
32 弾丸特急マイトガンナー Bullet Express Might Gunner
33 参上!女ねずみ小僧?! Debut! The Girl Nezumi-Kozou?!
34 悪夢のオンエアー Nightmare On Air
35 決戦!轟龍VSグレート Showdown! Gouryuu vs Great
36 巨大カボチャの襲来 Invasion of the Giant Pumpkins
37 胡蝶の夢 Kochou's Dream
38 大江戸ランド独立宣言 Great Edo Land's Independence Declaration
39 勇者の秘密に迫れ! Uncover the Secrets of the Braves!
40 恐竜いただきます! Dinosaurs At Your Service!
41 黒い旋律 The Black Melody
42 炎の五体連結攻撃 The Flaming 5-Unit Linkage Attack
43 悪魔の洗礼 The Devil's Baptism
44 最後のクリスマス The Final Christmas
45 世界征服作戦 World Domination Operation
46 絶望からの脱出 Escaping From Despair
47 嵐を呼ぶ最終回 The Storm-Calling Final Episode


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