Brave Fighter Exkizer (勇者エクスカイザー Yuusha Ekusukaizā?, lit. Brave Exkizer) is the first installment of the Brave Series created by Takara and Sunrise, airing in Japan from 1990 to 1991.


According to an in-universe newspaper article date (Exkizer Episode 2), the series takes place in 2001. A band of intergalactic treasure thieves make their way to Earth and take over robotic dinosaurs in order to commit crimes and steal what they deem "treasure." They are followed by Exkizer, a member of the Space Police Kaisers. Exkizer takes over the family car of a young third-grade boy called Kouta Hoshikawa, and together they take up the fight against the Geisters. Exkizer is later joined by the rest of his team of Kaisers, and they band together to defeat the Geisters to prevent them from stealing Earth's treasures and putting lives in danger.  The series follows the same monster-of-the-week format, only having a small plotline on the 4 final episodes of the show.


Episode # Japanese Title English Title
1 ボクんちの車は宇宙人(エイリアン)!? Our Family Car is an Alien!?
2 リニア・モーターカーを助けて! Save the Linear Motorcar!
3 大停電で大こんらん Giant Power Failure, Total Chaos
4 火星行きロケットしゅっぱーつ! The Mars Orbital Rocket Launches!
5 薬屋さんがカラッポ!? The Pharmacy is Empty!?
6 ボクら沈没船たんけん隊 Our Sunken Ship Expedition Party
7 遊園地でキケンがぐるぐる! Danger Turns Round at the Amusement Park!
8 ボクはジェットパイロット I'm a Jet Pilot
9 お花見山は大仏さわぎ Buddha Disturbance at the Flower-Viewing Mountain
10 大ゆれ!ドーム球場 Great Shuddering! Dome Stadium
11 古代遺跡で大はっけん Large Discovery at the Ancient Ruins
12 ケーキのもとがない! The Cake has no Source!
13 富士山大バクハツ!? Great Explosion at Mt Fuji!?
14 たいへんだ!ママが! Mom is in Trouble!
15 夢ドロボーにご用心 Beware of the Dream Thief
16 走れ!スーパーカー Run! Supercar
17 コンピュータを守れ Protect the Computer
18 時間がめちゃくちゃ Time Has Messed Up
19 虹の滝は大洪水 Rainbow Waterfall Has Flooded
20 ねらわれた花嫁 The Targeted Bride
21 燃える映画村 The Burning Movie Village
22 フーコの七夕物語 Fuuko's Tanabata Story
23 アイドルを探せ! Find the Idol!
24 Go!Go!豪華客船 Go! Go! Luxury Liner
25 海に消えた病原菌(ウイルス) The Lost at Sea Virus
26 子パンダ争奪戦 The Panda Cub Competition
27 流星群をぶっとばせ! Defeat the Meteor Shower!
28 夏を取り戻せ! Take Back Summer!
29 空に散った貯金箱 The Piggy Bank That Fell From the Sky
30 パパは禁煙中 Papa is a Non-Smoker
31 地上絵のひみつ Secret of the Geoglyphs
32 出た!超巨大合体 It's Here! Super Giant Fusion
33 友だちはカブキ小僧 The Friend is a Young Kabuki
34 ぼくらのオリンピック Our Olympics
35 勇者に贈る音楽会 A Concert for the Braves
36 ハロウィンの怪物 The Halloween Monster
37 かいぶつ図書館 The Monster Library
38 風になれ白い馬 The White Horse that Becomes the Wind
39 めざせ宇宙パイロット Aim to be a Space Pilot
40 壊滅!ガイスター基地 Destruction! Geister Base
41 マリオとジュリエット Mario and Juliet
42 消防車出動せよ! Firetruck, Mobilize!
43 タクミは学校が好き?! Takumi Likes School?
44 サンタさんがいっぱい There's A Lot of Santas
45 ピラミッドで大冒険 The Great Adventure in the Pyramid
46 海底油田の罠 The Offshore Oil Rig Trap
47 雪国の決戦 Decisive Battle in the Snow Country
48 本当の宝物 A Real Treasure


Notable Mechanics

Space Police Kaisers

Space Pirate Geisters & Allies


The series was written by Fumihiko Shimo and Hideki Sonoda]. Mechanical designs were done by Kunio Okawara of Gundam fame. The character designer was Masayuki Hiraoka. Among the animation staff included Masami Obari who also animated the opening animation.

The music was composed by Kouhei Tanaka.


The anime was originally aired on Nagoya Broadcasting Network.


Notes & Trivia

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