The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird (太陽の勇者ファイバード, Taiyō no Yūsha Faibādo) is a 1991 Japanese anime television series. Created by Sunrise under the direction of Katsuyoshi Yatabe, it is the second series in the long-running "Brave series" funded by Takara and produced by Sunrise.

Fighbird is occasionally mistranslated as "Firebird."


In 2010, an evil entity called Draias has made its way to Earth, and allies itself with an evil scientist called Jango to create chaos and ruin the planet. A Space Police Force unit follows him to Earth, and their leader Fighbird inhabits the body of an advanced android built by Dr. Hiroshi Amano, becoming Katori Yuutaro. Katori and his team, inhabiting various Earth vehicles and accompanied by Dr. Amano's grandchildren Kenta and Haruka, fight against Draias's forces while adapting to life on Earth.


Episode # Japanese Title English Title
1 奇跡の勇者(ミラクルヒーロー)登場! Introducing the Miracle Hero!
2 サミット爆破2秒前 Bomb at the Summit - Two Seconds Left
3 勢ぞろい宇宙警備隊 Full Deployment - Space Police Force
4 恐怖の血液ウイルス The Dreaded Blood Virus
5 SOS!深海3千M SOS! 3,000 Meters Under the Sea!
6 激突!弾丸列車 Direct Crash! Bullet Train
7 勇太郎と宝石泥棒 Yuutarou and the Jewel Thieves
8 悪魔の追跡 Evil's Pursuit
9 わしがDr.ジャンゴだ! I am Dr.Jango!
10 5万人の人質 50,000 Hostages
11 花よ よみがえれ Flowers, Bloom Once Again
12 赤い海の恐怖 Scare of The Red Sea
13 三人の科学者 Three Scientists
14 燃えよG(ガード)ファイアー Blaze Up, Guard Fire!
15 初恋電話をつなげ A Call to One's First Love
16 Dr.ジャンゴの大地震 Dr.Jango's Great Earthquake
17 狂ったコンピュータ都市 Automated City Goes Haywire!
18 消えた街の謎 Mystery of the Lost City
19 伝説の秘宝 The Legend of the Hidden Treasure
20 アメリカ征服宣言 Invasion of America
21 アメリカを奪還せよ! Reclaim America!
22 G(ガード)ウイング危機一髪 Guard Wing - A Close Call
23 登場!S(スーパー)ガーディオン Introducing Super Guardion
24 恐るべき宇宙植物 The Dreaded Space Plant
25 プリンスファイバード Prince Fighbird
26 デビルストーンの謎 Mystery of the Devil Stone
27 悪魔の音楽 The Devil's Tune
28 凍りついた夏 An Icy Summer
29 飛べファイアーシャトル Take Off, Fire Shuttle
30 狙われた宇宙基地 The Targeted Space Station
31 エースバロンと嘘つき少女 Ace Baron and the Lying Girl
32 出た!最強合体 It's Here! Strongest Combination
33 過去からのメッセージ A Message from the Past
34 赤ちゃん救出作戦 Operation Baby Rescue
35 科学者たちの挑戦 A Challenge to Scientists
36 吸血の街 Town of Vampires
37 幽霊船の秘密 Secret of the Phantom Ship
38 チャンプと巨大ゴリラ Champ and the Giant Gorilla
39 勇太郎の授業参観 Yuutarou Goes to Parents'day
40 激突!ママ対火鳥 Showdown! Mom vs Katori
41 大奮戦!佐津田刑事 A Tough Battle! Detective Satsuda
42 パパになった勇太郎 Yuutarou Becomes a Daddy!
43 俺たちの使命 This is Our Duty
44 ブラッククリスマス Black Christmas
45 海底基地浮上 The Underwater Base Surfaces
46 出現!デビルの塔 Rise! Devil's Tower
47 決戦!ギアナ高地 Showdown! Guyana Highlands
48 さらば宇宙警備隊 Farewell, Space Police Force



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