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Brave Police J-Decker (勇者警察ジェイデッカー Yūsha Keisatsu Jeidekkāa?) is the fifth series of the anime television meta Brave series (Yūsha), airing in Japan from 1994 to 1995. Brave Police J-Decker returned the series to a lighter tone that its predecessors, focusing more on the concept of "robot as human-built AI construct" that had been emphasized by the previous series, The Brave Express Might Gaine. The series takes place in Nanamagari City.


Left to right: Dumpson, McCrane, Drill Boy, Yūta Tomonaga, Deckerd, Shadow Maru in dog mode, Power Joe and Gun Max. Not pictured: Duke.

While the 21st century has seen great advances in technology, there has also been a rise in criminals using robots and incidents involving biomonsters, as well as other previously unheard-of disasters. To better deal with these threats, the police department decided to embark on the Brave Police project-building high tech robot detectives to counter these threats.

One day, a fourth grader called Yuuta Tomonaga stumbles upon the police's new project, a sentient police robot called Deckerd. Soon after he visits Deckerd several times and teaches him various things about life, Deckerd's AI becomes self-aware and he begins to develop a "heart". But the day comes when he is to be sent into action, and the police prepare to wipe his memory, which includes his friendship with Yuuta. Yuuta tries to stop the wipe but is unsuccessful.

A criminal piloting a large robot attacks the police parade transporting Deckerd in order to steal him. Deckerd is dormant inside a truck but hears Yuuta's voice and reactivates, saving the city and defeating the robot. The police decide to hire Yuuta as the boss of the new "Brave Police" division, an elite force of robot detectives, of which Deckerd is the first.

More robot detectives join the force as time passes, and they and Yuuta face off against a variety of foes.

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Episode # Japanese Title English Title
1 ロボット刑事登場 Introducing the Robot Detective
2 その名はジェイデッカー The Name is J-Decker
3 心ある仲間たち Partners With a Heart
4 ボスは小学4年生 Our Boss is a Fourth-Grader
5 人造巨龍ガワン Gawan, the Man-Made Dinosaur
6 トレンドにご用心 Beware of Trends
7 大倒壊 Great Collapse
8 完成!ビルドタイガー Completed! Build Tiger
9 消えた彫像の謎 The Missing Sculpture
10 影の刑事 Shadow Detective
11 激闘!シャドウ丸 Clash! Shadow-Maru
12 よみがえる古代昆虫 Ancient Insect Revived
13 ロボット強盗団を追え Chase the Robot Thieves
14 6人目の仲間 The Sixth Member
15 3万年の友情 30000 Years of Friendship
16 帰ってきた宿敵 An Old Rival Returns
17 邪神インティ Evil God Inti
18 パンダ注意報!? Panda Alert!?
19 爆走!白バイ刑事 Rampage! Motorcycle Detective
20 狂った砂時計 Hourglass Goes Awry
21 手錠の逃亡者 Handcuffed Fugitives
22 仮面勇者ダンプソン The Masked Brave, Dumpson
23 ぼくの妖精(フェアリー) My Fairy
24 七人の刑事 The Seven Detectives
25 デッカード殉職 Deckerd, Killed in Action
26 新しいリーダー A New Leader
27 完璧な涙 Perfect Tears
28 デッカード再び Deckerd is Back
29 合体!ファイヤージェイデッカー Combine! Fire J-Decker!
30 地下都市SOS! SOS at the Underground City!
31 姿なき犯罪者 The Invisible Thieves
32 台風が来た! Here Comes the Typhoon!
33 小さな勇者 Little Braves
34 パワージョーの恋 Power Joe's Fling
35 ブレイブポリスパワーアップ計画 Brave Police Power-Up Project
36 故郷は遠く Far Away From Home
37 鯨神(げいしん)狩り Hunt for God Whale
38 オバケだよ全員集合 Monsters, They're All Here
39 マシンの魂 Machine's Soul
40 ブレイブポリス解散! The Brave Police, Disbanded
41 レジーナ・追憶 Regina's Recollections
42 宇宙からの侵略者 Invaders From Space
43 シャドウ丸大砲変化(おおづつへんげ)!必殺!!ブレイブキャノン Shadow-Maru Great Cannon Change! Certain Kill!! Brave Cannon
44 奪われたボス! Boss is Kidnapped
45 ビッグ・マザー Big Mother
46 史上最大の犯罪 The Biggest Crime in History
47 ハートtoハート Heart to Heart
48 さよなら勇太(ボス) Farewell, Boss