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The King of Braves GaoGaiGar (勇者王ガオガイガー Yūsha Ō GaoGaiGā?) is an 1997 Japanese anime television series, created by Sunrise's internal "Studio 7" under the direction of Yoshitomo Yonetani, and was the eighth and final television series in the Brave Series created by Takara and Sunrise. It is followed by the OVA series The King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL released in 2000.


It takes place in 2005 (initially referred to only as "the 21st Century"), two years following an incident where the first identified extraterrestrial intelligence—classified as "EI-01"—crash-landed on Earth and absorbed a large number of machines into itself before disappearing without a trace. Following this incident, the Japanese government created a secret organization to combat potential alien threats: the Gutsy Geoid Guard, or "GGG", based beneath G-Island City in Tokyo Bay. Parasitic alien life-forms known as "Zonderians" have begun to emerge; using the Zonder Metal of which they are made, they can assimilate various kinds of matter to form "Zonders." which use humanoid beings as their hosts.

GGG gains three key resources with which to combat this threat. There is Galeon, a sentient mechanical lion of alien design. There is the alien child Mamoru Amami, whom Galeon had left with human parents eight years earlier. The third asset is human cyborg Guy Shishiō, whose life was saved by Galeon two years earlier and is capable of fusing with him, forming the mechanoid GaiGar. When combined with the GGG-made GaoMachines, GaiGar becomes the Super Mechanoid GaoGaiGar: a mecha capable of defeating Zonders, recovering their cores for Mamoru to "purify" and saving the human host in doing so.

Main Characters


  • Guy Shishiou - GGG Mobile Unit Commander
  • Mamoru Amami - GGG Special Agent/Civilian
  • Mikoto Utsugi - GGG Mobile Unit Operator
  • Koutarou Taiga - Chief of GGG
  • Geki Hyuuma - GGG Tactical Advisor
  • Reo Shishiou - GGG Executive Supervisor & Scientist
  • Kazuo Ushiyama - GGG Maintenance Unit Operator
  • Kousuke Entouji - GGG Intelligence Department Operator
  • Swan White - GGG R&D Department Operator, temporarily transferred to America GGG
  • Raiga Shishiou - GGG Second Order Room Chief, Scientist, formerly with N.A.S.A, temporarily transferred to America GGG
  • Stallion White - GGG Second Order Room Staff, assistant to Prof.Raiga in N.A.S.A, temporarily transferred to America GGG
  • Tooru Nozaki - GGG Second Order Room Staff, Energy System Developer & Management Chief and Izanagi Operator
  • Minoru Inubouzaki - GGG Second Order Room Staff, Security Manager, Maintenance Software Chief and Susanoh Operator
  • Akiko Hirata - GGG Second Order Room Staff, Gravity Control Unit, Artificial Gravity Generator Developer & Management Chief and Kanayago Operator

External Organizations

  • Yan Long Lee
  • Yan Mei Ling
  • Rose Approval


  • Isamu Amami
  • Ai Amami
  • Hana Hatsuno
  • Ayame Hatsuno
  • Sueo Ushiyama
  • Tsuguo Ushiyama
  • Mitsuo Ushiyama
  • Takayasu Sunou
  • Reiko Komori
  • Wakaba Suzuki
  • Tamayo Tezato
  • Sakura Isogai
  • Mrs. Kaidou


  • Kizuna Shishiou

Red Planet

  • Soldato J-002
  • Tomoro-0117
  • Ikumi Kaidou

Green Planet

  • Cain

Brave Robots

Z-Master Program


  • Pasder/EI-01

Machine World Four Heavenly Kings

  • Pizza/EI-26
  • Penchinon/EI-27
  • Polonaise/EI-28
  • Primada/EI-29

Zonder Robo

  • EI-02
  • EI-03
  • EI-04
  • EI-05
  • EI-06
  • EI-07
  • EI-08
  • EI-09
  • EI-10
  • EI-11
  • EI-12
  • EI-13
  • EI-14
  • EI-15
  • EI-16
  • EI-17
  • EI-18
  • EI-19
  • EI-20
  • EI-21
  • EI-22
  • EI-23
  • EI-24
  • EI-25
  • EI-30 ~ 71
  • EI-72
  • EI-73
  • EI-74

Machine World Primevals

  • Pagliaccio
  • ZX-01
  • ZX-02
  • ZX-03
  • ZX-04
  • ZX-05
  • ZX-06
  • Machine World Strongest 7 Primevals
    • ZX-07
    • ZX-08
    • ZX-09
    • ZX-10
    • ZX-11
    • ZX-12
    • ZX-13
    • Combined Primeval
  • ZX-14
  • ZX-15
  • ZX-16
  • ZX-17
  • ZX-18
  • ZX-19
  • ZX-20
  • ZX-21
  • ZX-22
  • ZX-23
  • ZX-24
  • ZX-25
  • ZX-26
  • ZX-27
  • ZX-28
  • ZX-29
  • ZX-30
  • ZX-31
  • Z-Master

Machine World New Species

  • Zonuda
  • Zonuda Robo


Episode Number Japanese Title English Title
1 勇者王誕生! The King of Braves is Born!
2 緑の髪の少年 The Boy with Green Hair
3 聖なる左腕 The Holy Left Arm
4 逃亡者ゾンダー Runaway Zonder
5 青と赤 Blue and Red
6 その名は超竜神 The Name is ChouRyuuJin
7 黒の300を追え! Chase the Black 300!
8 太陽が消える日 The Day the Sun Vanished
9 素粒子Z0 Elementary Particle Z0
10 光届かぬ世界 A World Unreachable by Light
11 イゾルデの門 The Gate of Isolde
12 明日 Tomorrow
13 カインの遺産 The Legacy of Cain
14 霧が呼ぶ渓谷 The Mist-Calling Valley
15 狙われたGGG Targeted GGG
16 正午の悪魔 The Devil at Noon
17 空間を制する者 One that Controls Space
18 約束は光の彼方 The Promise Towards the Light
19 滅ぶべき右腕 The Destructive Right Arm
20 ゾンダー先生 Zonder Teacher
21 金色の破壊神 The Gold-Colored God of Destruction
22 汚されし空へ Towards the Tainted Sky
23 マイク13 Mike 13
24 はずされた鍵(プロテクト) Disconnected Protect
25 滅びの声 The Voice of Destruction
26 次元を越えて Crossing Through Dimensions
27 大東京消滅! Great Tokyo Destruction!
28 激突!機界四天王 Clash! Four Machine Heavenly Kings
29 火の鳥 Phoenix
30 勇者、暁に死す! Braves, Death at Dawn!
31 さらばGGG Farewell GGG
32 逆襲!機界31原種 Counterattack! Machine World 31 Primevals
33 氷点下への出航 Departure to the Freezing Point
34 勇者復活! Braves Revived!
35 風と雷 Wind and Lightning
36 その名は撃龍神 The name is GekiRyuuJin
37 カイン来迎 The Coming of Cain
38 暗黒の大決戦 Great Decisive Battle of Darkness
39 機界最強7原種 Machine World Strongest 7 Primevals
40 星の子供たち Children of the Stars
41 遥かなる凱歌 A Distant Victory Song
42 太古からの帰還 Return from Ancient Times
43 幻竜神・強龍神 GenRyuuJin - GouRyuuJin
44 終焉序曲 Prelude to Death
45 GGG、木星へ! GGG, Towards Jupiter!
46 勇気ある者 Those with Courage
47 機界昇華終結 Machine World Termination
48 Life
49 いつか、星の海で Someday, in the Sea of Stars



From October 2016, The King of Braves GaoGaiGar was made available with English subtitles to premium users in North America on [1].