Victim O'Rand (ビクティム・オーランド Bikutimu Oorando) is a antagonist from the Brave Police J-Decker television series.


Victim O'Rand was originally a scientist who worked as a weapons specialist on a top secret team at Excellent Co. He did much of the work that led to the development of the Chieftan series of robots. According to Seia Onoue, the work was so top secret that it was deleted from the company files and he was in the classified files of the Land Defense Forces. Eventually, he was killed by Eva Fahrzeug's son Nueva.

The mecha Victim started out as a human android built using an evil version of the original O'Rand's personality. He worked under the direction of Eva Fahrzeug, secretly working to destroy the Brave Police. He nearly succeeded, after he teamed up with two Chieftain robots who used Gaizonite to kill and then control the corpse of J-Decker.

Victim was defeated and partially destroyed fleeing from the last battle against Fire J-Decker, realizing that he himself was an android. His super AI chip was later placed in a larger robotic body by the Fahrzeug family. In his his second form, he was the only robot with green hair and a lance for a weapon.

Victim would again fight against J-Decker again in the final decisive battle against the Hamelin System, and realizing his mistake, sacrificed himself to stop it. He would later be resurrected by the alien Kapia, and traveled with him to see if they could reverse the horrors the spiritual cleansing on Kapia's people