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Yamasaki Momoko(山咲モモ子) is one of the character of the The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird television series.


A reporter from Tounishi TV. She becomes infatuated with Fighbird when she sees him face off against Draias's forces, and hounds Kenta for information about him. She is often caught up in Draias's plots, and while she does get saved from trouble by Fighbird, she tends to not learn anything about him.



  • In Episode 33, Momoko has a dream influenced by Dr. Jango's dream machine. She meets her ancestor, and is surprised to find that it is 10th to 11th-century Japanese author Sei Shōnagon. Shōnagon's most known work is The Pillow Book, a collection of various observations she made about the world during her time in the court of Empress Consort Teishi.
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