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Yuutarou Katori (火鳥勇太郎), true name Fighbird (ファイバード) is one of the main protagonists of The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird television series. Belonging to the Space Police Force, Fighbird led his team to Earth while giving chase to the space criminal Draias, possessing the mechanical android Professor Hiroshi Amano built and was given his human name by him.

Although Yuutarou is his given name, he is nearly always referred to in the series as Katori, so the Wiki will refer to him as that.


With different reason, there is three female love him.

For pursuit of Draias' Forces, Fighbird lead the Space Police Force and arrived on earth, then Fighbird possessed Dr Amano's android, used Haruka's design as it's human appearance, covered it with super silicone foam for the android's artificial skin, and artificial blood flows through his body, disguising himself as Dr Amano's assistant.

As he is an alien from space, he didn't know the Earth well, sometimes pronouncing idiotic acts, notably mistaking a butterfly for a pidgeon.


Communication: He can talk with animals and ghosts, and can also understand babies.

Super Strength: Thanks to his Android body (maybe upgraded by Fighbird already), he can ride a bicycle very fast and run at a similar speed.

All round activity: Thanks to his Android body, he can swim very deep, and can spacewalk without a spacesuit.

Machine possession: He can possess the fire jet and fire shuttle, control them as drones, or combine with them, however if the machine is destroyed, he couldn't control or combine with it until it was repaired.


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